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In 2008, my two kids (7 & 8 at the time) challenged me to enter the annual Halloween festival & costume contest here in Maplewood Village, NJ.  To our amazement our handmade gorilla cage costume won first place and after 21 years in software, I openned...a costume company.  
Since then, our team has grown to include designers with impressive backgrounds & interests: Rubies, Kostume Kult, Sesame Street, DC Comics, Burning Man...   Circus Hill makes and sells costumes that are funny, oddly illusional and "festival tested".   They include the classic "man trapped in a gorilla's cage", a boy held in a box, a half zombie, a surly waiter, drunken dance partner to name a few.  We also like animal arm puppets: baby orangutans, baby gorillas, a fat goose, big green snakes...  We recently donated 18 baby orangutan arm puppets to The Orangutan Project in Australia.
 We aren't your ordinary costume site. We sell costumes that are startling, strange and always humorous.  Our  "make believe for grown ups" takes fun to a new level.  Give us a try.  You'll stop traffic.  You'll see.   
Wanna talk? 1-917-687-7437.
- B. Michael 
Circus Hill
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