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Beautiful orange fur & adorable face. Your one hand moves its head while the fake arm fools everybody. Comes with khaki shirt fitted with fake hand. It nuzzles you, kisses you, stares into your eyes, eats out of your hand... Perfect for costumes of safari guides, jungle explorers, zoo keepers, Diego characters, Tarzans, Jungle Janes, Diane Fossey & banana testers. Arms & legs loop around wearer. One size fits most. This prop is cute and believable! Great for women's or men's costumes. Does not include orangutan filler or safari hat.

Baby Orangutan Arm Puppet

SKU: HC113011w
  • Includes:

    • Stuffable, furry animal puppet
    • Khaki shirt
    • Fake hand

    1. Have orangutan stare at your audience.  Don't move too much.
    2. Orangutans love to eat from your hand.
    3. Loving orangutans nuzzle & lean in next into you.
    4. Shy ornagutans hide.
    5. Happy orangutans bounce.
    6. Really happy orangutans lean backwards and swing!
    7. Banana trance!  Orangtans love bananas.  Carry one & use it.
    8. See what your dog thinks.
    9. Who's that behind you?  Your orangutan follows someone over your shoulder while you talk.
    10. Sccccrrrrrratch that perfect spot.........YES!
    11. Practice in front of a mirror.
  • Care instructions:

    Dry clean only.

  • Not included:

    • Bubblewrap or other lightweight filler.
    • Safari hat.
  • Note:

    This is the exact same Baby Orangutan Arm puppet shown with a male model else where on this site -- just a female model this time.   same product, same price, same everything.  Just different photos. 

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