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Beautiful orange fur & adorable face. You move its head to make it come alive while the fake arm fools everybody. Comes with khaki shirt fitted with fake hand. Perfect for costumes of safari guides, jungle explorers, zoo keepers, Diego characters, Tarzans, Jungle Janes, Diane Fossey & banana testers. One size fits most. Arms & legs wrap around wearer. Does NOT include shirt, orangutan filler or hat. Note: this items does NOT come with khaki shirt &  fake hand (like the adult's version). Hat not included.

Baby Orangutan Kid Kuddler

SKU: HC012614K
  • Includes:

    • Soft, stuffable, furry animal puppet with soft plastic face
    • Instructions
  • Top10 Baby Orangutan Kid Kuddler Moves:

    1. Friendly orangutans love to hug.
    2. Curious orangutans look at their friends
    3. Hungry orangutans love to eat from your hand.
    4. Loving orangutans nuzzle & lean into their holder.
    5. Shy orangutans hide their heads.
    6. Happy orangutans bounce.
    7. Really happy orangutans lean backwards and swing!
    8. Orangutans stare at bananas. 
    9. Orangutans love to be scratched.
    10. Some orangutans stay perfectly still until someone talks to them.
  • Care instructions

    Dry clean only.

  • Not included:

    • Shirt or hat.
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