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Brilliant metallic green and almost 9 ft. long! This vivid green serpent sports big, hooded eyes & a soft dangling tongue. Entire body is flexible; you move its head and mouth. Perfect for Adam & Eve, safari guides, jungle explorers, Australian wildlife personalities, Jungle Janes, snake charmers, snake handlers, witch doctors, zoo keepers, anything to do with a swamp and worried rats. Stuffing not included.

Big Fat Green Snake Arm Puppet

SKU: HC112510W
$59.00 Regular Price
$53.10Sale Price
  • Includes:

    One long, green, stuffable snake with moveable mouth and arm holes.

  • Snake tips:

    Stuff snake with polyfill (not included) -- it will even out lumps. Upholstry stores sell it to stuff throw pillows with.
    Inflate a balloon inside the snakes body. Ha!
    Wrap the snake around you.
    When moving the snake keeps its head level so your audience can see its eyes.
    Practice in front of a mirror.

  • Note:

    This is the exact same Big Fat Green Snake as shown for kids, except it is shown here with an adult model. (We caught your attention!)

  • Watch me move!!video/wh9cu

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