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Get Me Outta This Cage! Gorilla & Cage Costume kit. The most incredible costume you've ever seen. This adult costume holds a single person. Hilarious! Guaranteed to stop traffic and amaze at any party or festival. Sold as a kit. Assembly required. One size fits most. Tan-colored PVC cage measures roughly 22" x 20" x 33". 

Gorilla & Cage Costume Kit

SKU: HC30709
  • Item includes:

    • Complete PVC cage with pegs
    • Complete gorilla -- head, hands, body & feet.
    • Support harness, filler bag & knee inserts.
    • Graphical instructions.
  • Not included:

    • Bubblewrap or other lightweight filler.
    • Captive person's clothes & shoes.
    • Spoon to help insert cage pegs.

    • Unpack the gorilla costume over a sheet laid out on the ground -- this keeps the fur clean.
    • Don't skimp when stuffing the gorilla's arms & upper body.  Gorillas have muscles. Duh!
    • Rest the gorilla's head LOW on its neck sticks.  Make it look natural.
    • Inside the cage use boots, not shoes.
    • Inside the cage use a colorful jersey so it stands out. 
    • Wear shorts & a T-shirt underneath it all for comfort.
    • When inside the cage, move.  Use your hands.  Hug & wobble your knees.  Hold your face.  Reach outside the cage. 
    • Wear a safari helmet -- either you or the gorilla.  Eat a banana inside the cage -- don't know why -- its just funny. 
    • Don't make the shins too short.  For the master's touch:  Cut a styrofoam swimming noodle in half & carefully shape rounded knees with an electric carving knife.  Stick 'em in boots.
    • Best tip of all:  Practice moving and acting in front of a mirror.  When out, catch your reflection in a store window.
  • Note:

    This costume is not for the timid. HOWEVER, if you want to be the hit of the party or the center of any festival this Gorilla Cage Costume kit is for you! 


    We've had people tell us they've worn this one costume over several years on many occasions (Halloweens, festivals, parades, 5K's. That's impressive!


    Also, Jemina in the press photo above is seen in an older style (bamboo) cage; your cage will be sturdy PVC.

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